Simplify your BRBF Design Project!

Brace On Demand (BOD)

Steel braced frame systems offer a cost-effective solution to meet inter-story drift criterion in seismic building design. The seismic design procedures for the welded end-slot buckling restrained brace (WES-BRBs) and its connections have been developed in the National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering (NCREE). An innovative cloud service named Brace On Demand (BOD) has been constructed in NCREE. The BOD server hosted in NCREE provides the up-to-date and on-demand service for users to effectively find the complete design of the WES-BRBs and connections meeting all seismic design requirements. Users are only required to enter the frame geometry and the BRB yield strength in the BOD browser, then the BOD server can immediately compute and report the results including all the detailed dimensions of the WES-BRB, gussets and welding. The BOD is able to provide a very time-saving and cost-effective tool for structural engineers in the seismic design of building projects using WES-BRBs.



Welded End-Slot Buckling Restrained Brace (WES-BRB)

The welded BRB end connection can be cost-effective as it completely avoids the use of bolts and the connection plates. In addition, it can be found that the welded BRB connection details is more compact, and the connection length is significantly shorter than that required in the BRBs using bolted end connection details. This could improve the stability of the brace end outside the steel casing. The WES-BRBs have been developed and adopted in several test programs and new building constructions.








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